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SISTER CARRIE is an epic love story with a dark twist that takes place in Chicago, Montréal, and Paris. The film stars Eve Rydberg, world-renowned ballet dancer Fabrice Calmels, and Cameron Knight. It is written and directed by Daniel Nearing, the inaugural Filmmaker in Residence for the City of Chicago.

SISTER CARRIE is English in its American sequences and French in its sequences set in Québec and France. The feature adaptation is a hybrid narrative drawn from multiple literary sources, including three proto-feminist novels. It takes its name from Theodore Dreiser’s landmark Chicago novel (1900), but draws also from Alexandre Dumas fils’s La Dame aux Camélias, Abbé Prévost’s Manon Lescaut, and Sherwood Anderson’s “Brothers.”  


SISTER CARRIE is from the makers of the multilingual, multiracial  HOGTOWN, called "the most original film made in Chicago about Chicago to date" by the Chicago Sun-Times and named one of the 10 Best Films of 2016 by Ben Kenigsberg of The New York Times, and of CHICAGO HEIGHTS, named by Roger Ebert to his last list of Best Art Films.

SISTER CARRIE traverses three centuries of romantic literature only to fall on the sword of the identity politics of the 21st. The film is both a celebration and an unflinching indictment of the male gaze.  

The film was completed  with the support of The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, MacDowell, The Puffin Foundation, the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Illinois Arts Council.



Melanie Parks

Jean-Claude Carrière

Executive Producer: Robert Gecht

Fabrice Calmels

Angela J. Latham

Director: Daniel Nearing


Written by Daniel Nearing

and Sabrina Doyle

Editor: Philip Larkin


Visual Effects Editor: Kat Quintian


Associate Producers:
Jay Disney
Eve Rydberg

Cinematography: Nathaniel Walker

Costume Designer:
Angela J. Latham


Costuming Co-Design:
Melanie Parks
Eleanor Cotey

Gaffer and Crew Chief: Donald Winter


Story Consultants:

J.A. Glass

Herman Wilkins

Rudy Thauberger

Additional Cinematography: Jason Knade

Communication & Design:  Lisa Klein

Paul Bhasin
Fabrice Calmels


Fabrice Calmels

Lucas Segovia
Nicolas Blanc


Carrie - Eve Rydberg
Armand Duval - Fabrice Calmels

The Foreman - Cameron Knight

Simone Duval - Sylvie Sadarnac

Uriah - Seth McClellan

Minnie - Lindsay Ashcroft

Patrick Santoro - Gregory
Trace Forman - Najeeb Yaqub Al-Amin

Child Trace - Josiah Zion Paris
Lola - Sarah Weis
The Foreman's Wife - Roshaunda Ross-Orta
Child in Rags of Light - Isabella Josephine Libke
Music Box Cop 1 - Derek Nordstrom
Music Box Cop 2 - Doug Nordstrom
Stitcher 1 - Natalia Latham

Stitcher 2 - Hope Grady

Stitcher 3 - Sandy Boyd

Stitcher 4 - Hayley Zarifis
Stitcher 5 - Angela J. Latham

Girl Carrie - Isabella Josephine Libke
Alternate Carrie 1 - Luella Nandra
Alternate Carrie 2 - Cece Buday
Alternate Carrie 3 - Alyssia Duda
Alternate Carrie 4 - Isabella Stevens
Alternate Carrie 5 - Megan Wefel
Alternate Carrie 6 - Dara Holmes
Alternate Carrie 7 - Emma Alicz
Alternate Carrie 8 - Priyana Acharya
Alternate Carrie 9 - Justina Birden
Alternate Carrie 10 - Lily Cole
Alternate Carrie 11 - Emily Price
Alternate Carrie 12 - Autumn Steed
Alternate Carrie 13 - Kendall Scott
Alternate Carrie 14 - Yu Suzuki
Alternate Carrie 15 - Cori Kolasinski
Alternate Carrie 16 - Rhonda Emrich
Alternate Carrie 17 - Christy Jones
Alternate Carrie 18 - Lydia Carpenter
Alternate Carrie 19 - Crystal Gurrola
Alternate Carrie 20 - Caitlin Aquila
Alternate Carrie 21 - Rachel Lovett
Alternate Carrie 22 - Daphne Seberich
Alternate Carrie 23 - Liv Rivich
Alternate Carrie 24 - Nina Longid
Alternate Carrie 25 - Joyce Wippman

Music Box Patron 1 - Steve Pavlik
Music Box Patron 2 - Judy Dainton

Music Box Patron 3 - Arielle Gitlin

Music Box Patron 4 - Darren Smith

Music Box Patron 5 - Delanea Richmond

Music Box Patron 6 - Megan Nelson

Music Box Patron 7 - James Remillard

Music Box Patron 8 - Ryan Tucker

Music Box Patron 9 - Amaris Garcia

French Translation:
Augustin Cambeau
Fabien Brucy
Morgane LePage
Sarah Mancel

John J. Nearing

Sarah Mancel
Rebecca Russell


Set Photography:

Candi Helsel-Wilk

Production Assistants:
April Hornsby
Roshaunda Ross-Orta 
Veena Zerang

Copy Editor: Beverly Loder

Sound Consultant: Alex Drumheller


Emory University Symphony Orchestra


Kaito Mimura,  Co-Concertmaster
Caroline Sikuta, Co-Concertmaster 
Joel M. Felner MD, Concertmaster Chair,
Performing on the Giovanni Grancino violin, Milan, 1687              
Christy Song, Assistant Concertmaster
Will Duan
Eric Zhang
Carol Xu
Doowon Kim
Alyssa Stegal
Victoria Gendron
Mirielle Ma
Ken Xiao
Alexander Koeppel
Chloe Nelson
Erin Yoon
Rebecca Goodwin
Cameron White
Judy Oh
Jonathan Park


Yihoon Shin, Principal 

Edward Goodwin Scruggs, Principal Second Chair,
Performing on the Giuseppe Scarampella violin, Brescia, 1870              

Thomas Sarsfield, Assistant Principal

Ruth Jao
Seyon Kim
Aritro Ray
Katie Shin 
Sangin Paik
Austin Park
Dan Kim
Natali Vera Pimentel 
Sophia Barthel 
Alyssa Chen
Sherry Rui
Kevin Sun
Carl Dutton
Rizky Lubis
Sasha Lessin Burris
Harry Jing
Thomas Czick


Wilson Hsu, Principal
Siji Osunkoya, Assistant Principal
Sihyun Jeon
Christian Chae 
Andrew Chung
Rachel Lee 
Sirui Zhou
Duncan Tam
Julia Borthwick 
Michael Blankfein
Emory Wilson
Ayusha Shrestha
Lily Short
Malhaar Nair


Caleb Park, Co-Principal (soloist on most tracks)
Hwanwook Seong, Co-Principal 
Sean Parker, Assistant Principal 
Ahanu Banerjee
Alex Banul
Rachel Seong 
Andrew Choi (soloist on "Chopin 3")
Tim Cho 
Claire Lee 
Jordan Leslie
Hannah Lu ¥
Edmund Wong
Solomon Kim
Richard Jensen
Austin Chuang
Harrison Helms


Hannah Perron, Principal
Alex Petralia, Assistant Principal 
Max Heeden 


Listed alphabetically

Sara Ju
Claudia Wahoski 


Listed alphabetically

Jane Farrell 
Helena Haas 


Listed alphabetically

Henry Mangalapalli 
Chunjin Park


Listed alphabetically

Vishaal Kareti 
Nathan Muz


Listed alphabetically

Pulkit Gupta 
Lana Millman 


Listed alphabetically

Nathaniel Lechtzin
Austin Watkinson 


Listed alphabetically

Graham Crain 
Ethan Feldman
Max Inman 
Shiven Sinha


Alexa Mohsenzadeh 


Jonathan Easter



Rich Moskal

Dirk Fletcher
Larisa Elizondo

Jean de St Aubin

Rebecca Fons

Gloria Groom
William Schopf

Raphaël Berdugo

Rachel Rozycki
Konstantinos Armiros

Robert Stevens

Beckie Stochetti
Lara Ziemba
Nate Brandt
Betsey Grais
Keisha Dyson

Martin Rubin
Kathy Byrne
Todd Turina

Suzanne Patterson
Richard Dubugnon
Paula Hendrickson

Selcen Phelps
Kris Swanberg
Steven A. Jones
Nicole Bernardi-Reis
Olivia Curry
Sandy Boyd

Elaine Maimon
Andrae Marak

Jason Zingsheim
Lori Montalbano

Sanghoon Lee

Rhonda Jackson
Maeggie Maillet

Francis Palluau
Dawn Friedman

Maria Finitzo
Steve Kalb

Danika Vaughn

Thavary Krouch

Kyle Cubr
Ryan Oestreich
The Chicago Film Office

Governors State University
The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation
The MacDowell Colony
The Puffin Foundation
The Art Institute of Chicago

Canon USA
The Music Box Theatre
The Chicago Cultural Center
The Illinois Railway Museum

Old Jail / Sheriff’s House, Crown Point, IN

This project is partially supported
by an Individual Artists Program Grant
from the City of Chicago
Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


Shot on Location in:

Chicago, Illinois
Paris, France
Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Crown Point, Indiana

Montréal, Québec

Sparta and Delphi, Greece
Viareggio and Milan, Italy

Based Upon

Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie

Sherwood Anderson's "Brothers"

Alexandre Dumas fils's La Dame aux Camélias

Abbé Prévost's Manon Lescaut

Attribution in Fair Use:

Excerpt from P.A. Larkin's "High Windows"





“She was a prism through which sorrow
could be divided into its infinite spectrum.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer,
Everything Is Illuminated


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