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Calvin Lehrer has a dark secret. It’s a secret so dark he keeps it from his own brother. Maybe he’s trying to keep it from himself. When he’s pulled over early one morning in Calgary and charged with driving under the influence, he loses his drivers license, loses his job, and loses his way.


Calvin and his brother, Aidan, meet a First Nations woman who is trying to stay out of the reach of an abusive male companion. She enlists the brothers’ help to drive her high into the Rockies. It’s a journey marked by laughter and lust, and it has an inexorable quality. Calvin is an angry man. Aidan is naïve and timid to the point of dysfunction. The girl is guileless and seems to be just along for the ride, but she's holding something back.

The brothers spend a terrifying night alone in a forest and, freed the next morning, are in a rage that gets them locked up in a reservation jail and compelled to participate in a sweat lodge ritual that brings on powerful hallucinations. They come face-to-face with the distant past and the early experiences that have defined them.




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